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Minuteman Scholarships

If you are interested in receiving an Army ROTC scholarship and commissioning into the Army National Guard, the Minuteman Scholarship provides you an excellent opportunity. Minuteman Scholarships cover 2, 3, or 4 years of full tuition and fees or $10,000 for room and board at colleges and universities served by an Army ROTC program.

ROTC Monthly Stipend

All cadets, including those not on Army ROTC scholarships, are eligible to start receiving a monthly tax-free allowance beginning when they sign an ROTC contract. Stipends are received over the 10-month academic period while the cadet is attending classes. The amount of the monthly stipend is $420.

Real World Example

Let’s look at how much an Army National Guard soldier can potentially earn while attending college full-time as an Army ROTC cadet.

Note: The following is an example of how one soldier paid for his college education. Steve joined the Guard while in high school and attended The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and was commissioned through the Princeton/TCNJ ROTC program. Steve is currently a Captain in the New Jersey Army National Guard. Steve’s tuition was waived while he attended Rutgers Law School and while he attends Rutgers-Camden for his MBA.

Steve will earn a monthly paycheck from the Army National Guard for drill and also receive pay for his two-week annual training. In four years he will earn about $12,000.

The Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve pays Steve $392 per academic month for up to 36 months. Under this program, Steve will earn over $13,000.

The Army National Guard also offers the Army National Guard Kicker for up to 36 months. This incentive is worth an additional $350 for 36 academic months. This equals $12,600.

Steve signs an ROTC contract at the beginning of his junior year and begins to receive a monthly stipend from the ROTC program. The stipend is $420 per academic month. Total benefit is $8,400.

As a contracted ROTC cadet, Steve gets a book allowance of $1,200 per academic year. Total for his junior and senior year is $2,400.

Steve attends a New Jersey state college and receives 100% free tuition. Over four years this benefit could be well over $40,000. Plus this benefit extends to graduate programs.

Just prior to his junior year, Steve makes a commitment to accept a commission as an Army National Guard officer when he graduates. For this commitment Steve is eligible for a GRFD scholarship. He can use this scholarship for tuition or for room and board. Since Steve is already getting 100% free tuition he chooses the room and board option. The room and board option is worth up to $10,000 per year.

Since Steve is also a fully-qualified member of the Army National Guard he is eligible for up to $50,000 under the Student Loan Repayment Program. In Steve’s case, he does not utilize this benefit since he never has to take out any student loans. However, other applicants who join the Guard after receiving disbursed loans may be eligible.

This could be you

Contact our ROTC Liaison to get more information on Army ROTC.

Students of Law Scholarship

Deadline: April 30,2021

My name is Tyler Owens and I work on behalf of McCormick & Murphy P.C., a law firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We would like to announce the McCormick & Murphy Personal Injury Scholarship.

This scholarship is available to all high school seniors and current college students who are planning on entering the law field. We understand how difficult it can be to pay for college and law school, and we want to help someone afford a better education

Here are some brief notes on this scholarship:

$500 (One-time award)
Due April 30, 2021
Must be attending a 4-yr college/university or 2-yr community college for Fall 2021
Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted

We think this would be a great opportunity for your students and were curious if you would be willing to share this scholarship with them?  If so, you can view the scholarship and other pertinent information here: